My Vintage Life - Old Fashioned Susie

Hello there! I'm so excited to announce the return of the series 'My Vintage Life'.  Over the next few weeks I'll be featuring some of my favourite bloggers and interviewing them on their junk shop finds, interior inspirations and their top tips for where they find some vintage bargains. First up is someone I think is the bees knees when it comes to modern vintage style.  A Northern lady who just always gets in right, whether it be her fabulous style or in her home - I'm delighted to introduce Old Fashioned Susie

Hi Susie! Tell us a little about yourself? 

My background is in art. I've been a make-up artist and an art teacher, I've always had a keen eye for the visual and a need to express myself creatively. My interest in vintage has always been around, ever since I was little and visiting my Grandparents home, which was like an Aladdin's Cave or Magpie's nest, whichever way you look at it. My Mum loved old films from the 1930s onwards and would often have musicals or Technicolor films on during the day. Before I was even old enough to go to school I remember this. 

Why do you like buying vintage?

I love to buy vintage for so many reasons. Having something that (hopefully) no one else will have, that has a history and a story attached to it or it is well made and built to last and is usually much more budget friendly!

 What's your interior style like at home?

If I had to choose one word to describe my interior style at home I'd say eclectic. There is literally a mix of everything. Lots of heirloom pieces from my parents, Ebay wins and market finds, but also a healthy amount of everyones' favourite budget furniture shop, Ikea. There's lots of natural oak in my home, from the floors, a lot of the furniture and the kitchen worktops. I love the sense of warmth it brings. 

 What's your favourite vintage era?

Choosing my favourite vintage era is a tricky one. I'm going to have to say the Golden Age, which is cheating a bit as it covers the late 20s to the early 60s! I like to pick my favourite elements from each era and mix them to create an individual look. 

 What's your most treasured vintage find?

I always love the finds I get for a steal a bit more than the others. And if they are practical AND pretty, well that's even better! It feels like I'm winning when that happens so this set of 1960s  cherry glasses and matching jug is up in my favourites list for sure. I love the bold colours and they cherry motif - it's so typical of that period. These are Italian and I've got two lemon ones that are also from the same era. 

 Have you had any great vintage hand-me-downs from family or friends?

We've been lucky enough to get a good number of vintage pieces from my family. My Dad is a bit of a magpie so is always on the lookout for things he thinks I'll like. One of my favourite pieces that they've given us a is a chest of drawers. It is signed by the person who made it and it is so sturdy with it's dovetail joints, but also really ornate. I guess it's 1920s or 1930s.  

 What's your most recent vintage find?

Well I've recently got into vintage Ladybird books again. I've loved them since I was a child and they were a huge part of me learning and loving to read. I was given a few from a friend in the summer and now I look out for them wherever I go. I hope that my two daughters will use them and love reading them just as I did. 

 Anything you'd love to find on a vintage hunt?

When out and about I have a list in my mind of thing s I'm looking for vintage wise. Usually they are for the house, but as I've already mentioned, the Ladybird books are also on that list. I'm after a coffee table and other small pieces for the home. I try not to buy things for the kitchen now as I went through a huge phase of that and I've really had to be strict with myself. I don't like clutter and having collections can sometimes become clutter, so I'm careful that I get the balance right. I won't buy something unless I really love it and it's at the right price. 

Have you a top local place to find some vintage treasures?

My recommendation for vintage hunting locally to me, has got to be Vintage Village at Stockport Victorian Market Hall. It's on the second Sunday of every month and it is SO GOOD! Clothing, furniture, toys, books, records - you name it and you'll find it. There are also a few vintage and secondhand shops surrounding the market that have been able to open purely on the strength of the market and the visitors it attracts. Get there early!

I'm such a fan of Susie's blog and it's been absolutely fantastic reading the answers to my questions and finding out a little more about her. Thank you so much for taking part in My Vintage Life Susie!  And many congratulations on your Highly Commended status at the Amara Interior Blog Awards last week, very well deserved. 

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