Folklings - 'Harvest and Gather'

Life has been a bit exhausting recently. Work has been a hard slog with daily soakings and the inability to get warm from the damp. On Friday I felt like I was wearing a nappy all day as my bottom was that wet! Coming home to housework, cooking and helping the boy with his homework has left me feeling shattered and ready to flop down on the sofa, never to get up. Add in to this mix that the cat is ill and constantly has us up throughout the night means that we are permanently drained of all energy. So I'm behind with everything, including my contributions to the lovely Folklings site.

I have however, finally managed to send Annie over my piece for this week. Based around the theme of 'Harvest and Gather', it's a celebration of beautiful Autumnal vegetables and what to do with them. You can go check it out here. Hope you like it. x