Lovely Spaces

Images via Remodelista

When I was holidaying in North Norfolk in the summer I noticed a lot of barn conversions and wooden outdoor buildings painted black. Nestled in amongst the country cottages and gardens, they looked effortlessly chic and their vivid darkness worked so well against those bright, wide open blue skies. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of them as it's one of my strongest memories of the Norfolk towns and villages. Next time I will be taking a lot of pictures of them.

Returning to Yorkshire I found myself drawn to the idea of introducing some black into the exteior of my home, but as it's made of bricks and mortar and no lovely wood cladding, I have been thinking about using it in my garden - my shed and my handmade wooden troughs. I think this could work well and as Leeds sadly doesn't have those big blue skies like Norfolk, the shed probably is enough to not be too overpowering anyway. Team it with some brilliant pinks and purples from perennials in the summer and I think this could look amazing.

Whilst doing some research on Pinterest for black exteriors I stumbled across this beautiful family home. Not only am I completely in love with the outside but I think the rustic simplicity of the interior decor is stunning. The vintage touches in the dining room to me are just perfect - particularly the industrial pendant lighting and old school chairs. And that black painted cabinet - swoon!  There are many nice interior details throughout - I like the vintage scissors displayed on the wall and the use of so much natural wood in the flooring, the walls and the furniture. It's all so beautiful.

I've created a Pinterest board for black exteriors. It's my new favourite board over there. Go check it out for some further inspiration.

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