My Vintage Life - Teawagontales

 Hello, I am Jane from Teawagontales and lovely Jen has asked me to take part in My Vintage Life...

Why do you like vintage?

I love the colours and patterns, the lettering and the look of something that's a little bit lived in or had a lot of love. A lot of the vintage items I own are childrens things from memories of my childhood. The viewmaster is just like the one I had when I was 7.

What's your favourite vintage era?

Most of my favourite things are from the 1970's, the fabrics and patterns are amazing...pretty much everything from that era looks cool these days. I also love watching films from the 60's like 'Taste of Honey' and 'Spring and Port Wine'...I spend most of the time looking at the curtains or coffee table in the backgound.

What's your most treasured vintage piece?

It changes all the time but I love my vintage camera collection because they remind me of my dad...I have the slide viewers too so I can look at old holiday snaps of my family. Some of my cameras still work so every now and again I put a film in them and go out with my boys and take pictures...then we have that nail biting wait for them to be developed.

What is the most recent item you've bought?

Some unused vintage barkcloth in the best modflower patterns and a vintage Genia Sapper bedcover. I have used some already for cushions and I'm planning a lampshade in the blue floral and maybe some bags.

What would you most like to find?

I'm always looking out for old globes, preferably tin ones...the colours on them are the best, Some more vintage wallpaper as I haven't found any in a while and the one thing I search everywhere for but have yet to find is an old alpine swiss mountain style painting, I got up early every Sunday in the summer in the hope there would be one at the car boot.

Thank you so much 


 for taking part in My Vintage Life. I love how much colour there is in these pictures and the history behind the pieces. Jane has such a gorgeous family home. Go check out her blog 


 and also her beautiful 


 shop where she sells her handmade vintage makes and prints. x