My Vintage Life - Scraps of Us

Hello! I'm Caroline from scraps of us  and I'm very excited to be sharing a little about my vintage life here on little birdie. Thank you Jen!

Why do you like vintage?

My love for vintage really started when I was at Art College studying ceramics. I became interested in collecting Midwinter and Portmeirion Pottery from car boot sales and charity shops. I also found a love for plastic too and my collection grew to Melaware dinner sets and Pyrex cups in bright colours.

When I started collecting, vintage items seemed really cheap and accessible and I still love rummaging at car boot sales to find something unusual without spending a fortune.

What's your favourite vintage era?

I love the 60's and 70's for it's bright colours and playful modular designs and especially love the ceramics from the 60's with it's cylindrical 'can' shaped pieces and geometric patterns. I collect bits from the 50's through to the 80's though - it really depends on the piece.

What's your most treasured vintage piece?

I think I would have to say pieces - my Pyrex cup collection! Its one of the few things I have kept from my early days collecting. I have moved house quite a few times and have had to downscale my ceramic collection hugely. The Pyrex always stayed though!

I have also inherited some special pieces from family members who have passed away. They are not necessarily my taste but have huge sentimental value.

What is the most recent item you've bought?

A recent buy is a little set of coloured drawers I found in a second hand shop. They are sitting on my shelves in my work space with all my pens and stationary and are perfect for storing away little bits and bobs.

I often buy bits for the kids at car boot sales too, like little vintage cars, toys and books. I love toys from the 80's as they remind me of my childhood.

What would you most like to find?

I would love to discover a piece of Cathrineholm tucked in a box at a car boot sale - though it's not likely!

I have always been on the lookout for some more pyrex bowls - like these orange ones which go with my cup collection. I found these at a car boot sale years ago and have never managed to find any others.

Thank you Caroline for showing us some of your vintage treasures! I personally love that little wooden box collection of cars - my son would have loved that when he was younger. And what a Pyrex collection! You can see more of Caroline's life and vintage finds over on her gorgeous blog Scraps of Us. She also sells some beautiful handmade creations over at her Etsy shop. x