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How great lighting can improve your home

A while ago I read in an interiors magazine that when you buy a house and it needs a lot of redecorating, it's better to concentrate what funds you have left on sorting out the three most important things in a room - walls, flooring and lighting. If you can get those right, you can live with all the others things you don't like until you can afford to replace them. When I read this it was like a light bulb moment - it's pretty much what I'd been doing wrong all those years. I'd always thought that buying some new cushions, a rug or a picture frame would make all the difference to my home. But really what I needed to do was look at the bigger picture and fix the things that would transform the space. After several years of living in this house and many, many coats of different shades of paint in every room, I finally understood how to change things for the better. So the walls were all painted white. The flooring is still an issue in some rooms, but one that I'm working on. And whilst I like both of these things and how they make my house feel more like a home, the change that makes the biggest impression on me is lighting.

I think hard about my lighting choices and I feel in most of the rooms in my home that I've got it right. But there is one room where I think you have to throw out the rule book - a kids bedroom. From the nursery years to the teenage years, the room decor and requirements of a growing child change so very quickly. We've gone from cots to toddler beds, to cabin beds and now bunk beds. My son has now outgrown his desk and chair and these need to be changed to fit the needs of a pre-teen. So that little paper shade with aeroplanes on has had to go and I've had to look at what lighting fits in with the decor for a boy who will soon be a teenager.

I'd been mulling this over for a little while and was looking at industrial style pendant lights. I love these and I was over the moon when I found the Warehouse Easy Fit pendant light in charcoal at my local branch of Homebase. Not only did it look great, the fact that it fits like a lampshade is brilliant. So no electrician's bill and it makes a huge difference to the room instantly. We're both super happy with it.

We need to change the ceiling light in our living room soon and these are a few of my favourites from the current Homebase ceiling light collection. I'm really, really liking the idea of a black pendant lamp like the one below. And we also need to look at doing something with our kitchen lighting, maybe some new spotlights or track lighting.  Decisions, decisions......x