52 Weeks of Happy (43/52)

Good Morning! A very happy Monday to you. Hope you are all well and have had a great weekend. I'd like to say a big old 'hello' to all my new followers - it's so lovely to have you here!

I'm a bit late again with my happies and I've only taken three pictures but these are this week's happy things:

^^ My Echinops Ritro is in flower and it has spread all over the garden, enticing the bees and spiking me on my way out! It is pretty though, so I cut some of the flower heads and popped them in a vase. It looks very dramatic on my mantlepiece.

^^ There was a definite nip in the air yesterday and Leeds felt almost autumnal. The Boy and I went blackberry picking in order to make a crumble for pudding. We have a little path near our home and the hedgerows are just bursting with fruit this year. I'll be picking them for weeks as no-one else seems to go get them. My neighbours always look at me with suspicion when I'm foraging in the brambles as they only buy things in packets - I'm the local eccentric!

^^ Another flower one - my agapanthus in a pot at the front door. This has taken three years for one head to come up! And as it has been so long since I planted them, I'd forgotten I'd bought the white ones and I'd expected the purple/blue heads! It's beautiful anyway.

^^ And finally I was delighted to hear that my cousin who lives down under is engaged. She is marrying a Scottish lad next year and the wedding is to be held back in Scotland too. Such lovely happy news for my family.

Have a happy week everyone. x