52 Weeks of Happy (38+39/52)

Oh I'm so very, very late with my happy things! Life just gets in the way sometimes. Work has kept me busy and our cat was extremely poorly again a couple of weeks ago. We had a hellish night of her vomiting. We had no sleep and I really did think she was not going to be with us much longer.So it was back to the vet who suggested it may be a blockage and we had to see how she was over the weekend. However, after meeting up with my friend who gave me some hypo-allergenic cat food, well we now seem to have our old lady back. We have had one whole week of no vomiting (and she was vomiting every day) and she seems very happy within herself. So fingers crossed! We also had to take the Boy out to visit the local high schools as we have (scarily) reached that point of choosing which one he'll go to. He loved visiting them and was particularly thrilled with the IT departments especially when the teacher took him through the curriculum. I've never seen him so excited about school! So both of these things are making me happy and a little less worried about the future.

Here are the rest of this and last week's happy things:

^^ A thrifty find at my local charity shop. I've been hoping to find a vintage enamel teapot and coffee pot for camping trips. My wishes were answered when I found this gorgeous blue teapot in very good condition and a snip at £2! Now I need to find that elusive coffee pot.

^^ I have finally framed my Fur Neil print which I have had for well over a year! I simply couldn't decide which frame to put it in. White, oak or black? Everytime I changed my mind. After a quick trip to Ikea I settled on the white, and I'm so happy that I did. It looks great in my bedroom surrounded with my Triangle garland by Littlenestbox.

^^ Finding a copy of The Little Paris Kitchen cookbook in the library. I have been cooking away happily all weekend from this book. Eggs in pots for breakfast, picnic spreads, ratatouille and cauliflower cheese with crusty hazlenut topping. Yum.

Have a happy week. x