A Thank You and 52 Weeks of Happy (36/52)

Firstly, a huge, enormous thank you for all of your responses to Friday's post.  It's been lovely to read your comments and I see that it struck a chord with so many of you. Secondly, let me assure you I'm not giving up blogging! It's just sometimes good to have a bit of a rant, don't you think?  I also need to stress that I'm tired and a bit grumpy at the moment and am finding lack of time and energy is making me a bit fed up and lacking inspiration.

However, I've been thinking about the things that bother or annoy you, and I wondered if it would be helpful for me to address some of them here.  For example, technical/design issues or comments/followers? I think that blogging should be about uniting us and helping each other out, and I know that I'm often stuck with things and spend ages looking for the answers. If I can point out some things I've learned, would anyone find this useful? I am also trying to get round all your blogs and meet those of you I haven't before to say hi.

Anyhoo, here are this week's (very late) happy things!

^^^Seriously gorgeous post from Anna at Goldlion. A complete surprise so thank you so much. I love it! And also the Black Pomme print by Hello Marine which I decided to treat myself to. I just need to make the dreaded trip to the big I to buy some frames.

^^^The Boy and I playing with his £1 glider at the park. It's funny how such cheap plastic tat from the gift shop makes kids so unbelievably  happy. And so we spent a great time just running and throwing whilst fighting the wind to make his glider fly.

^^^A doorstep cuppa in the sunshine. An utterly simple pleasure. Dreaming about the summer holidays, the sea and the mountains. Bliss.

Have a happy week everyone. x

(Pictures are from my Instagram feed this week.)