52 Weeks of Happy (37/52)

Oh it's been a busy week. Work, work, work and not much play. And the men in my life all have colds and coughs to contend with so it's a quiet weekend for us too. But sometimes that's what you need isn't it? A lie in on a Sunday morning, a plate of scrambled eggs for breakfast and a big old cup of coffee. Chilling out with the newspaper. Doing nothing much is sometimes the best thing for you.

So here are this week's happy things:

^^ Our cat (who has been poorly on and off for weeks) has been given a clean bill of health from the vet. It turns out that she is just struggling to breakdown hairballs and that's what makes her vomit (everyday!). I have to be honest that I expected the worst news. She is almost fourteen and it was heartbreaking for us as a family seeing her so poorly and awaiting the phone call that may have called for some hard decision making. However, the vet actually told us that she has great kidney function, great thyroid and liver function. So it appears that it is just hairballs and that is why she is struggling to keep her food down.

^^ The Escallonia in flower in the front garden is providing a bit of a banquet for the bees. There were lots of bumblebees and honeybees foraging this morning. Not only is this plant in flower so beautiful and a vivid pink shade but it made me so very happy that my little garden provides a haven in the city for so many creatures, big and small.

^^ Enjoying the first crop of strawberries at the Market Garden. Is there anything better really than picking a strawberry in the sunshine and just popping it in your mouth? Utter bliss.

^^ Finally my last happy is about you all reading these posts. I've had such lovely comments and emails this week about 52 Weeks and I'm very pleased that so many of you are participating. For those of you who have recently joined in, welcome and I hope you have a great time doing these posts and I'll try and get round and see your happy things as soon as possible!

Have a happy week!
Jen x