Hello and 52 Weeks of Happy (33&34/52)

How the heck are you all?
It's been a couple of weeks of crazy technical and physical malfunctions around these parts!
I've more or less lost my voice, which is fun at work trying to talk to people about plants and growing your own.
Also my laptop needed a new hard drive so it's been very difficult trying to catch up with all your blogs as it's just too frustrating trying to read them on my phone. Finally all seemed back to normal until I tried to upload my latest photos and then.....nothing. So back to my new friend, Mr I.T. Bless him, he only went and rescued all my pictures that I really needed!

So I missed last week's happy things but rather than list two weeks worth, I might as well just combine the two into this week.

▲ A little bit of vintage wallpaper crafting. I've been turning some jar jars into tealight holders but giving them some colour and pattern. I've collected quite a few different shaped jars so I'm hoping to get a collection of them. Pretty aren't they?

▲ Eating this new favourite dish, Leek and Tomato crumble, completely delicious served with a green salad and a big old glass of white wine. It's perfect family food too.

▲ The Boy and I had a brilliant day out together last weekend when we hit Leeds. I offered to take him out for some lunch but all he requested was chocolate cake! We also indulged in a bit of book shopping and a visit to the new Lego store (and it took a long time to get him out of there!) .

▲ And finally, just being without the laptop and then getting it back. Both were real eye-openers. Without it I got stuff done - no procrastinating. Lots of creative ideas popped into my head too as I had nothing to distract me. But then getting it back also makes me happy as I've missed catching up properly on your blogs. It's made me realize how important it is to step away from the screen once in a while - it's quality not quantity.

I'll wish you all a happy weekend. At last the sun is shining here!
Jen x