52 Weeks of Happy (33/52)

Hope you are all well.
I'm so tired and my feet really hurt.
This working five days a week as a Market Gardener is really taking it's toll on me!

It's nice to know that so many of you are still keeping up with this project. But sometimes I feel a bit drained trying to write these posts. Perhaps it's down to how things have been difficult over the last few months. Although it can also feel like I'm writing the same post every week too. I think a yearly project is hard to sustain and keep up to but I am going to see it through. Is anyone else feeling the same way?

Here are this week's happy things:

▲ The Boy and I have spent a lovely day together, swimming at the Victorian Baths this morning and a woodland walk this afternoon. It's even been sunny! 

▲ Collecting some wildflowers and using old jam jars to display them.  I think they are so pretty and cheap!

▲ The beautiful fabric in the picture above is from the gorgeous Rachel. I just love it. And the best thing is I sent her a quick message saying which colours I was looking for and she came up with the perfect fabric for me. Isn't blogging wonderful for making new friends and ones that just totally get you?

▲ And finally the absolutely brilliant Case Histories is back on BBC1 tonight. It's just some of the best television I've watched in years. I'd read all the books by Kate Atkinson and was surprised when they cast Jason Isaacs in the role of Jackson Brodie, but he is perfect. Roll on 8.30pm!

Have a happy week everyone. x