52 Weeks of Happy (30/52)

I've struggled yet again this week to find my happy place.
What with funeral plans and the cat being poorly again, I'm just mentally exhausted.

And then on Thursday there was a horrible accident at the Market Garden when our baby dog got run over. We all thought she was a goner as she had gone under the wheels of a truck, but somehow that little beauty survived to tell the tale - so from tragedy came relief and utter joy. Even more incredible was the fact that she's back at work on the land. They breed them tough those Springer Spaniels!

So here she is, the best little dog in the world. This picture was taken just an hour ago - I said 'sit' so she lay down on her back! My heart would have been shattered if we'd lost her. She follows me around the garden, always willing to give me a cuddle and makes me so happy that words can not explain it. So I haven't got four happy things this week, I just have one huge one - the delight of this little girl in my life. x