52 Weeks of Happy (29/52)

It's been a very hard, tiring, stressful week in the Birdie household.
My husband lost his Dad. My son his Grandad.
We are sadly, slowly coming to terms with this.
But it will be a long time before life gets back to any kind of normal.

52 Weeks of Happy has been difficult to do again this week for all these reasons above.
But one very generous inherited piece has helped us to unite and comfort each other - Grandad's binoculars.
Passed down to the Boy, we found ourselves so eager to get down to our local nature reserve and just observe our local wildlife.
Although there wasn't lots to see, there were signs of Spring blossom, birds singing, bees foraging and the promise in the air of wonderful things to come.
It was exactly what we needed.

So these are my four happy things for this week:

▲ Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Cake. I'd seen someone cooking roasted strawberries on Masterchef and was intrigued. So after doing a quick internet search I discovered this recipe.  It's so very yummy but needs a lot more strawberries added to it than what the recipe states as the strawberries are absolutely out of this world. 

▲ The elegant beauty of the dried flowers at the nature reserve. I don't know what these are called - do you?

▲  The Boy enjoying his time in the Hide. Watching the geese, swans, coots and moorhens. Hoping for a glimpse of the grey heron but sadly it didn't show itself today. 

▲  Spring blossom. Enough said. 

Have a happy week. x