52 Weeks of Happy (28/52)

Thanks for all your supportive comments and emails over the last few days.
Every single one of them has been hugely appreciated.
Things are still the same sadly, so life remains quite difficult and emotionally draining. 
The Boy is better from his virus but has thoughtfully passed it to me now.

It's been pretty hard trying to come up with some happy things this week, but I wanted to try and stay up to date with this little project.
So here are this week's happy things:

▲ My charity shop score. First day we managed to get out of the house I went to drop off some donations. I visited a new charity shop and came across this rather gorgeous tea/coffee set. Isn't it beautiful? Such lovely colours and patterns. 

▲  Watching Moonrise Kingdom on DVD on Sunday afternoon, whilst curled up under a blanket on the sofa and eating crisps. Bliss. Wacky film but I loved it anyway.

▲ Spring cleaning. Being stuck in the house has led to a lot of clearing up/throwing out/recycling. It's so nice to get stuff done and you can start to see even the smallest changes make a huge difference to your home. 

▲ Reading the rather wonderful Tenant of Wildfell Hall  by Anne Bronte. I have a huge interest in those Bronte girls these days. I actually think this has been my favourite novel by any of them so far. It is the tale of a women breaking free from her abusive marriage and starting  her life again. It's truly wonderful. 

Hope you all have a happy week. 
Take care for now.
Jen x