52 Weeks of Happy (26 and 27/52)

How are you all today?
I hope you had fantastic Easter weekends and scoffed a lot of chocolate!

We had a very quiet one, the Boy is now full of a rotten cold and cough so we are stuck in the house.
Last week I didn't do a 52 Weeks post as frankly it was difficult to see the happiness - the cat was very ill (she's fourteen, so it was an anxious time), the Father in Law (still very poorly) and the Sister in Law (since recovered) were both in separate hosipitals across the city and then the car broke down. So it was just an awful week.

So I've decided to link last week in with this week and these are my happies:

▲ The Cat is better - hurrah! Picture above is of her looking a bit grumpy as I disturbed her whilst taking her picture.

▲ I made the front cover  of Etsy  last week with my Mint//Pink//White treasury (and I didn't even know till yesterday!)

▲ The sun is shining every day and there are signs of Spring popping up. 

▲ And finally my husband's homemade white chocolate cheesecake! The last piece I've just had for my breakfast! (top image).

Have a happy week everyone. x