Gosh we've had some snow this year already, but on Friday night it really came down.
We must have about 15cm here in Leeds.
And it's very, very cold.
Well only one more week till the clocks change - ha!
The Boy and I have spent the weekend together and it's been really rather nice.
I think now that I have started working weekends having one off has made me appreciate them all the more.
So we've done some sledging in the woods - it was like taking a trip to Narnia.
I've been cooking up a storm in the kitchen, some successful like the sticky toffee pudding with rhubarb, others were a bit of a disaster like the kale and mushroom lasagne which was so hard it chipped my husband's tooth. Oops.
Sunday started with a lie in.
A lovely cup of coffee in bed and reading a trashy crime novel.
Then a trip through the slush for emergency wine supplies from the supermarket.
A spot of easter egg Hama bead making.
And then some more cooking - I'm doing pizza.
Hope you have all had a great weekend too.
What have you been up to? x