52 Weeks of Happy (25/52)

How are you all?
We have a snow day today, blizzard style!
It's pretty awful out there.
I have been given the day off work as there is not a lot of market gardening you can do in a snowstorm.
The Boy and I are spending the weekend together as my husband is working, so we're watching movies, making pudding and lasagne and possibly a bit of sledging tomorrow.
What are you all up to this weekend?

Anyhoo, here are this week's happy things:

▲  Receiving my gorgeous cloud print from the very lovely Anna of Goldlion. I'm absolutely delighted with it. 

▲ I dropped my phone on Monday  in the slush, the battery of course fell out and got soaked. So the phone was kuput. I have since got a new one and I'm a very happy lady indeed. Mostly this is because of the camera, it's simply a million times better than the last one. 

▲  Mini eggs! I flippin' love the things. There is nothing better at Easter. 

▲ Meeting up with Gillian for a coffee. We had so much to chat about and just not enough time to do it in! And can I say that her home is even more lovely in real life. Funnily enough we both worked in the same place with the same people, but I left before she started.  It's a small world!

▲ And a sneaky fifth happy this week - my muscari bulbs are in flower - aren't they pretty?

Have a happy week all. x