52 Weeks of Happy (24/52)

Hope you are all well. 
Thanks for all your comments and messages again this week, it's been really great reading them all. 

I'm getting increasingly busy at the Market Garden, now working four days as we have so much to do in Springtime. 
I'm playing catch up with all your blogs and Pins etc, so please do bear with me, I'm not ignoring anyone!

Anyway here are this week's happy things:

▲  The grey walls are gone! The white is back. I'm so pleased that I decided to do this. The living room is now so bright and the walls  make the other colours from my lighting and textiles just sing. I've  still got all the gloss paintwork to do, but it's getting there. Every morning I get up, come downstairs and just smile.

▲ And I'm so happy filling my home with tulips. Don't those red ones just compliment my typewriter colour? To me there is no better flower. 

▲ I bought a lovely little piece of screenprinted fabric from  Blueberry Park, a Leeds based designer who I met through Instagram. I asked for the grey on white colour as I have a little crafting in mind. More on this to come. But how nice are these sample colours and designs she included in her parcel? I'm loving that hot pink shade. Do go check out Karen's work as she makes beautiful things.

▲ Also I was very lucky to win  The Linen Cloud  giveaway, and I'm absolutely thrilled with this beautiful birdie brooch by Anna Wiscombe. It's so pretty and perfect for bringing a little Spring about my coat too.Thanks again Bee, I love it! 

Have a happy week everyone. x