My Vintage Life - Guest Post from Merci Ginette


I'm absolutely delighted to welcome one of my favourite bloggers to Little Birdie today.

Elise's blog,

Merci Ginette

 is so full of colour and life. She always brightens up my day!

Her home is gorgeous, with so many lovely vintage pieces, great artwork and textiles.

And she runs a beautiful, quirky online


 where you can buy vintage pieces  and new items from Koloni Stockholm, Jane Foster, Muik Design, Yumicha and many more.

Please do pop over and visit her lovely blog, I'm sure you'll be as inspired as I always am!

Hi! I'm Elise of the French blog Merci Ginette. I have been passionate about vintage since childhood, and I'm delighted and honoured to share with you today on the lovely blog Little Birdie.

Why do you like vintage?

My passion for vintage came to me very young. As a child, I was an addict of garage sales. My teenage room was filled with rugs, 70s shag poufs, large flowers and colours that were well flashy! When I was a little girl I spent a lot of time with my Grandma Ginette, herself passionate about old things, I think she gave me the virus!

 What's your favourite vintage era?

For a long time I preferred the seventies, for the side of it that's completely crazy! I love the merriment of this period, the colours and patterns. For some time I've opened my mind to the fifties and sixties, I've discovered a passion for formica furniture and the crockery of this time.

What's your most treasured vintage piece?

This is a difficult question obviously! But there is an object that touches me deeply in it's simplicity. It is a small lamp hook, which I found in Emmaus (French association of donations). I bought it for 0.50 Euros. I have not had a favourite right now, but over the days it has fascinated me more. It's totally homemade with thread and a few pieces of iron. I imagine it's story.....

What is the most recent item you've bought?

A piece of formica furniture! After the blue table and chairs for my kitchen, I found this small cabinet with castors on the Overview Leboncoin (a French website). I immediately had a crush! A few days later he landed in my apartment. After one hour in the back, I watched it with admiration, it's design and nice mint colour.

What would you most like to find?

A very nice piece that I've dreamed of for years is the Twiggy hat stand. I watch very often on Ebay, but I've never started to bid. The result in 10 years is that the price has doubled! Maybe one day....

(Picture is from the French website 



Thank you so much Elise for showing us your vintage pieces. I'm very jealous of that formica cabinet! x