My Vintage Life - Guest Post from Little Buckles

Good Morning all!

I'm delighted to welcome another one of my favourite bloggers to Little Birdie. Andrea is an ex-pat who lives in a beautiful home in France. She has a wonderful eye for interior decorating, vintage pieces and takes beautiful pictures. Please go check out her gorgeous blog and  her Etsy vintage shop where she sells some treasures and also her unique handmade cushions.

Hello there! I'm Andrea from Little Buckles.

Jen asked me to post a little about my vintage life here on her fabulous blog. Thank you Jen!

Why do you like vintage?

My passion for vintage started only a few years ago. I was only ever aware of Brocantes which can be quite pricey for a family living on such a modest budget. Until one day my parents came across Emmaus in the middle of nowhere. A huge warehouse filled to the brim of fabric, clothes, pots, furniture, junk. And from there, I discovered other Emmaus outlets and charity shops. And of course, there is the spring/summer season of village brocantes and vide-greniers to look forward to.

What's your favourite vintage era?

I honestly love all eras, but the bold, colourful designs from the 60's and 70's do catch my eye. I come across a lot of Bavarian pieces which tend to be bold and bright compared to the dainty designs of Limoges porcelain.

What's your most treasured vintage piece?

Currently, my abstract Picasso style painting below is my most treasured. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about it - just that when I saw it stacked on the floor with many other old paintings, I knew I had to have it. I haven't seen anything like it before or has anything had so many comments.

What is the most recent item you've bought?

The J & G Meakin teapot is a recent purchase. I spotted it underneath a load of broken pots and pans. It's very rare to find anything British in a French charity shop. It made my day!

What would you most like to find?

Well you never know what you will come across when rummaging, but if I found anything by Catherine Holm or Kaj Franck I would be ecstatic. But really, I am content with whatever fulfills my vintage obsession :)

Thank you Andrea for sharing your beautiful vintage pieces. Sigh, such a lovely home!