52 Weeks of Happy (17/52)

Have you got your happy on this week?
I've got a bit of a runny nose and sore throat but apart from that things are good.

Last night we got a lot of snow fall in a very short period of time. This morning  was glorious and we were basked in sunshine. So we went outside to play!

Here are this week's happy things:

▲ A shot of the Boy outside on Monday enjoying the day off school. We had a big snowball fight in the street, this seems to be becoming an annual tradition with parents versus kids. The youngest is not even two and was joining in. I love the feeling of community with my neighbours, I know I'm lucky that we all get on. The Boy's cheeks went bright pink, he's clearly inherited  my pale Scottish skin!

▲ Sledging with the Boy this morning. We've had  hours of fun and it's something we'll remember forever. He's out again now with the neighbourhood kids, all off sledging together. 

▲ Baking - have you been watching The Great British Comic Relief Bake Off? I've enjoyed it so much. Especially when Bob Mortimer was on, I haven't laughed so much in ages - ahhhh, how I still love a bit of Vic and Bob! I loved Bob's tube sign cake. So this afternoon I'm making my favourite carrot cake. 

▲ Lying in bed last night watching the snow fall past my window. The city silenced by the white stuff. It's just so beautiful (when you don't have to fight your way to work/school!). 

Have a happy week. x