52 Weeks of Happy (16/52)

Yet again I find myself very, very late with 52 Weeks - sorry!
I've woken up this morning with a horrendous cold and I'm feeling very glum.
I haven't any enthusiasm to take myself outside and play in the snow.
But the Boy is out with his neighbourhood chums having a snowball fight, so at least he's getting to enjoy himself.

So here are this week's happy things (and only one picture as I haven't the energy to get off the sofa and take more!).

▲ Daffodils gracing the coffee table, and  about to burst into flower and bring some yellow sunshine into my home. 

▲ Discovering that porridge with a big spoonful of Plum and Rosehip jam is the nicest breakfast ever. Porridge is my current obsession, if you haven't already guessed that!

▲ Getting cozy under my duvet and blanket at bedtime and devouring the new Jo Nesbo novel. (A great Scandi crime writer). 

▲ Watching WinterWatch on BBC2 throughout the week. Loving the wildlife in action at this time of year, red squirrels, pine martins and the beavers - some astonishing scenes. And from that, watching the birds in my own garden enjoying the food I put out for them everyday. 

Have a happy weekend! x