52 Weeks of Happy (14/52)

How are you all today?
We're all well here and enjoying the last few days of the school holidays.

Just recently I've had a lot of other bloggers joining in with 52 Weeks which is absolutely fantastic - I'm so glad you are all enjoying this little project. So if you are taking part, could you leave a comment below and I'm going to try and list everyone involved with a link to their blog on the 52 Weeks page. Thanks.

So here's to my happy things this week - they are all foodie based. I think this is simply because I've been enjoying the luxury of long breakfasts and puddings in the evening!

▲ Indulging in great library books - I managed to get out Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries II and it's so fantastic. I can't wait to get cooking from it. It's making me dream of Spring vegetables and sunny days of harvesting at the Market Garden.

▲ Two happies in one picture. 1 -  porridge for breakfast, it's such a delicious way to start the day.  Then taking the time to just savour breakfast without having to wolf it down and get out the door to school and work. 2 - the very first few stalks of our own Yorkshire forced rhubarb. I stewed it in a vanilla syrup and added some cardamom pods for a hint of spice. Then served it with the porridge. Best breakfast ever.

▲ And then one from my Pinterest boards - salted caramel sauce. I made this the other day, drizzled it over some vanilla ice cream. The plan was to do keep it for a few days in a jar, but one taste of this and it was gone in a few minutes. So no photograph!  Seriously, this was heaven in a bowl. Go make it today!

Have happy days!

Jen x