Little Birdie Advent - Day Ten

Hello. Happy Tenth!

Our tree is up and decorated. I usually get a tree that we have dug up and potted on. But not this year. Instead I opted for a cut tree. So I had to go and buy a stand. Then it was a case of Me Vs Tree as I tried to get the bloomin' thing to sit in the stand without falling over or leaning to the side. The trunk was too small and after several arguments on how to get it up, I decided to wrap the trunk in bubble wrap! Finally, I won the battle. Then I got the lights out. And guess what? Yes, they had broken. No loose bulbs or blown fuses. They had just decided enough was enough. So out I went again to buy lights. Eventually,
everything stayed upright and turned on, and my little tree is up!

So now my thoughts have turned to decorating other little corners of the house. And I rather like the thought of some window dressing. I'm quite taken with the idea above of hanging baubles from the window. It looks very pretty, don't you think? x