52 Weeks of Happy (13/52)

Late again, I know!
But hey it's the holidays, so I'm taking it easy and enjoying some much needed time off.

So for the last time in 2012, here are this week's happy things:

▲ Let me introduce you to - Batman Shortlegs! This made me laugh and laugh and laugh. In fact, every time I hear his name or see him I am in fits of laughter. Kids can make, say and do the funniest things.(He's made from Lego Harry Potter, Professor Flitwick and Lego Batman).

▲ My last few Rose and Violet Creams. To me, these are the greatest present ever.

No pictures for these but definitely make me very happy -

▲  Long, leisurely lie-ins and breakfast in bed. No rushing around.

▲  Cuddling up on the sofa to watch a movie together every day. We've really enjoyed Alice in Wonderland and Enchanted. Oh and wasn't The Snowman and the Snowdog just so beautiful and touching?

Have a happy week everyone! x