52 Weeks of Happy (12/52)

How the heck are you all?
Keeping dry in the UK? Or sunning it up somewhere warmer?
I've had a bit of a hectic week so that's why 52 Weeks is late.
Monday was the MOT for the car (never a good day!), so I was rushing around on public transport for the school run etc.
Tuesday was a trip to the dentist (also never a good day!), and I've had some work done that has left me a bit sore and under the weather.
Then it was back to work in the pouring rain all week at the Market Garden.
So busy, busy, busy.

Anyhoo, here are this week's happy things!

▲ My bright, happy garland that I made, hanging from the mantlepiece.

▲ My Boy's Sanna Annukka inspired Christmas Tree design. His class were studying The Fir Tree, how cool is that?

▲ The smell of pine from the Christmas tree when I come down the stairs in the morning. It's heavenly.

▲ And then finally, no picture but - finishing work and school for the next two weeks!

Have a happy weekend! x