52 Weeks of Happy (11/52)

Happy Monday. Hope you are all well.
Some of you may have got a sneaky peek at this post as I accidently pressed publish instead of save!

Anyhoo, here are this week's happy things:

 ▲ Decorating the tree and getting out my favourite ornaments. This is the one I love the most. I just love the colors and design.

 ▲ Not one, but two lovely presents in the post (so this is 2 and 3 for happy!). The first from Modflowers. Isn't this little birdie a beauty? I'm thrilled with it. Go visit her lovely blog and wonder at her other vintage fabric makes. And the second gift is my bear brooch from the equally lovely Nick at Morten and Me. It's just so sweet and charming. Both are gracing my black woollen coat and are lifting the colour level up!

 ▲ And lastly, my husband is trying to teach the Boy chess. It's always funny watching them together. Both similar in personalities in so many ways, yet also completely different in others. For this game though, it's a perfect pastime for them both.

Have a happy week everyone. x