52 Weeks of Happy (9/52)

Hello Tuesday - how are you all doing?
I'm well.
It's still raining here a bit, but not as bad as yesterday.
Anyhoo, here is this week's happy things.
I've taken them all from Instagram, so you may have seen these images already! But as I've only recently got back on there (technical difficulties/bugs to do with my kind of smart phone), I'm sort of celebrating the fact that I can use it properly again!

 ▲ An early Christmas present from my parents, my lights from Cable and Cotton. The colours are so gorgeous.

▲ Iced mince pies! So yummy. But funnily enough I hadn't even thought about mince pies until I was in the supermarket and heard the Christmas songs playing - think I've been tricked by marketing!

▲ My very strong and huge umbrella which stood up to hideous rain and wind yesterday.

▲ And leading on from the first picture, lights up and making the living room so cosy and warming. Just perfect. 

Have a happy week everyone! Keep warm and dry. x

ps - thanks for all your fantastic comments about the crumble!