52 Weeks of Happy (8/52)

Week 8 of happy.
This week I've bought a couple of things that have made me really happy, which I know is not really the point of this project. But, as these things cost very little and are useful and necessary to me in the kitchen, I felt it only right to include them.
So here are this week's four happy things:

▲ My lovely vintage find - a Meakin Topic small jug. Beautiful pattern and I love it set against those bright beakers. It's so cheerful.

▲ The Christmas trees in the Market Garden basking in the winter sunshine.

▲ Green cauliflower - freshly picked and taken home to make cauliflower cheese. The best comfort food ever.

▲ New enamel pie dishes - cooking it up old school style! I've always loved these and have fond memories of my Granny serving me up pies in these when I was a kid.

Have happy weeks all. x