52 Weeks of Happy (6/52)

Firstly huge thanks for all your comments for this little project.
It seems that a lot of you are enjoying this and also finding your own four things.

If you are playing along then you might also be interested in this, I've created a little button over on the left which you can pop on your own blog to say you are taking part. No pressure to put it on your own blog, but it's there if you'd like it!

Anyway, here's to this week's four happy things:

A little collage this week as I didn't take my big clunky DSLR out with me - sometimes you just need a little less weight to carry around! So these have all been taken on the phone on my camera.

▲ Scooby Doo half-term fun at the National Media Museum. Dressing up, blue screen adventures, sound and light effects and best of all making a stop-motion Scooby Doo animation. The Boy and I loved it.

▲ A (very) rare weekday out with my husband, just the two of us. We went to Leeds, had lunch, went round the Art Gallery and did a bit of Christmas shopping.

▲ The prettiness of this latte in the new cafe/shop at Leeds City Art Gallery. A lovely place, full of Flensted mobiles and unusual art on the walls. Well worth checking out if you are in the area. Oh and can I recommend the chocolate fruity tiffin? - yummy.

▲ The Autumnal colours of trees - those yellows, reds and oranges, well I just can't get enough of how beautiful they are.

Have a happy week whatever you are up to. x