little birdie



Hello! Happy Friday. At last the school holiday half term is upon us. We had lots of plans, crafting, baking, woodland trips, cinema, going out with friends. Now all those are scuppered. Yesterday I ended up in hospital. I have suffered an extreme allergic reaction (but don't know to what). My hand and arm have all swollen up, I'm covered all over in huge, itchy red blotches. And now it's hit my face. I feel and look horrendous. But I just want to say how fantastic the Casualty Department at the Leeds General Infirmary were to me yesterday. Our NHS staff need to be praised and recognized for the amazing work that they do. So now it's a few days of steroid treatment and anti-histamines to try and calm it all down. Boo. I don't think this will be going on my four happy things next week!

Hope you are all well. Do you like the picture? I love this quote. Picture is from here.
Happy weekends all. x