2 Days in New York

Good Morning. Thanks so much for all your well wishes after my allergic reaction. The steroids are kicking in, and I'm starting to 'de-swell' a bit! So maybe the holidays won't be totally wasted after all.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to mention this wonderful movie that we watched last night. Well rave about it really! I have to admit that I have a bit of a girl crush on Julie Delpy. She's so chic but yet quirky. And I love the fact at 42 years of age, she looks great yet clearly has had no work done. I can't stand all these actresses who have so much surgery or botox that they can barely move their facial muscles - why on earth do they do this? But Delpy has some wrinkles, and I for one positively embrace that. She looks beautiful, real and inspiring.

But back to the movie - this is the follow up to 2 Days in Paris where we first meet her character Marion with her American boyfriend Jack. They are visiting her very eccentric, but loveable family. Jack is utterly bewildered by them all, and in particular is having issues with the amount of ex-boyfriends that Marion has had in her life. It's a tale of a relationship under pressure but one that they want to keep at. 2 Days in New York is set 5 years later and Marion and Jack have sadly parted ways, although they have had a child together. Marion is now living with her boyfriend Mingus. She is a photographer who is about to have a major exhibition of her work and her family make the trip from Paris to visit, also meeting Mingus for the first time. It's an explosive mix - funny, sexy and touching. Delpy's real life father playing her on screen father is fantastic - such a great enchanting and funny character. Chris Rock as Mingus really surprised me as his performance is subtle, not at all what I would expect from him, but he was perfectly cast. It's very Woody Allen-esque in spirit, really an exploration of relationships and love but all done with some great one-liners. And the film is full of delicious styling, Delpy is vintage clothing, that Mexican dress with welly boots and oh the Eames chairs around the dining table! We had a lovely evening enjoying this, fire on, red wine in hand - perfect. Do go watch the trailer. And if you haven't seen 2 Days in Paris, check that out first as it's great to meet those eccentric family members right from the beginning. x