My View // Tabiboo


Do you ever have an urge to visit a place - no matter where you go?  

It's the sea for me and if I can - where ever I am - I must take a trip down to the shore to get my to speak...almost like a siren, beckoning to me - just to give her a nod.

Though you would never catch me in the water and very rarely on it.  I understand her ways and have the utmost respect for the currents and the changing of the tides.  More land lover by nature, but with a twist - I like to be beside the sea, to take in her beauty and appreciate the spell she casts on all that fall in love with her.

Born and raised in Hampshire my roots are firmly set in the country, but I've never felt like I've been grounded. More of a free spirit - I like to think.

Growing up in Hampshire though we always had that side of the coast to venture out to and explore.

Southsea, Hayling Island, the Witterings, Pompey, and the Isle of name just a few - the options are endless and my parents always made the most of the warm Summer days taking us down to one spot or another to dine on ham sarnies and hard boiled eggs all washed down with a bottle of cream soda bought earlier that morning from the milkman on his rounds. 

Fast forward a good twenty years to the girl that eloped to Cambridge to be with the one that she loved. An opportunity arose to move to a place called Broadstairs...somewhere in Kent and it was on the coast 'bonus' - I hadn't a clue to be honest, but as a new bride in a place that felt foreign - I just didn't have the flat of the fenlands in my heart...despite all that wide open space. So we jumped at the chance and never looked back.

Come rain or shine (and snow) Spring, Summer, Autumn and the depths of Winter we love every season living beside the sea. 

When it's warm we play, have bonfires and dance beneath the moon, meet up with friends and watch the bay light up with fireworks, the children laughing and twirling around in the excitement.  And when the weather turns we brace ourselves against the elements, get sand blasted away and catch our breaths....screaming wildly into the wind.

Today - the here and now - we have three amazing children and are still here and in love. 

I could never imagine moving away, but if we ever did it would only be to move more closer to the sea.

I guess you could say I've always had the coast in my blood - somewhere.

This is Broadstairs on the tip of the Kentish coast - the place that I live...and love.