My View // Seventy Tree

Hello, my name is Kerry and I have a blog called Seventy Tree. I am very happy to be here whilst Jen is away on her festival break (hope it’s a dry one Jen!).

Thinking about what makes me happy, I decided that happiness to me is being with my loved ones and it really doesn’t matter where we are because as long as we have our little family bubble, all is well! Corny, but true - they are my favourite view!

I thought I would share a few of my Instagram pictures here because I really love being able to capture precious moments in this way. Watching my son and husband lying down, chatting on the grass was such a sweet moment and my daughter Maisie in her crazy sunglasses and trilby really captured her perfectly!

My pictures are like a little diary for me as I know what’s behind them. It was sweet of my husband to make pancakes for us all on his day off and let me have a lie in. I’ll remember that when I look back at this image. Very often I take pictures of my son, Bertie, observing his little mannerisms from above - he’s a funny little chap! In the final picture, while most will see my lovely new Fine Little Day cup and think ’that’s nice,’ I will remember that my daughter made me that cup of tea and it was perfect!

So that’s my happy view! Thanks for having me Jen ♡