My View // Milk Please Mum

Oh hai there! Nice to meet you. I'm Tahnee and I hand the milk out, over at Milk Please Mum.

When Jen asked me to be among her guest post authors while she's away, I was {and still am} truly flattered. Flattered, a little surprised, and a lot shocked! This is my debut guest post you see. And to think it's happening on the blog of a virtual friend, living on the other side of the world? Most awesome. That's why I love this blogging caper.

Jen asked me to share my view of our favourite local place, and why it is just that - a favourite. I must say, many a moment has been spent thinking of such a place. When we are not doing kindy pick up or drop off, swimming or dance lessons, errands or jobs, we are usually home. We are home bodies. Happy to spend our days baking, drawing, crafting, playing in the backyard (which has been a rarity, struggling in the harsh elements through the depths of a Melbourne winter). The only other local visiting we do, is to the duck pond down the road, or the playground around the corner. It's been a while since we paid either a visit. A wet playground is not so fun. For mama anyway..

I grew up in the country, and moved to Melbourne ten years ago {for you non-Aussie folk, that's in southern Australia}. Melbourne is a big place, huge compared to the little town I grew up in. So when I think local here, I think within a half hour's drive from home. And that means our favourite local place to be, is the Collingwood Children's Farm. An actual farm sitting in the middle of inner city Melbourne.

It really is an amazing place. When you arrive it's as if you pass through some kind of secret sound barrier and the noises of the city are instantly left behind. All that is heard is the rustle of the trees, the whistle in the wind, the sounds of the animals, and the gentle noise of the grounds staff going about their daily routine, taking care of the animals and produce.

Our favourite local was a toss up, between the zoo and the children's farm. A trip to Melbourne Zoo emotes almost the same level of excitement in my smalls, as a day out to the children's farm. But the inner city hideaway pips the zoo at the post, because it is at this little farm where you get to interact with almost all of the animals. Nurse the guinea pigs, pet the sheep, cows, horses and goats. You can even help milk the residential cow, Heather. Eager little hands scoop feed from paper bags, held out tentatively, waiting for wandering chooks to come and peck it from their palms. The ducks roam free, as do the peacocks. Cats are spotted lying in the sun or jumping through the office window, strutting along the desk. The pigs acknowledge you and then get back to wallowing in their sty. The horses come to the paddock fence when you call them, happy to nibble the feed straight from the paper bags, or your hand. The goats are happy just to eat the paper bags.

We pack our lunch, and settle on the dry, sun speckled grass in the warmer months, and keep our bottoms dry in the cooler months, unpacking our goodies at the picnic tables protected by the huge, surrounding trees. Our last trip into the city surrounds was for our biggest boy's third birthday back in May. Whispers of Spring are beginning to appear now, and we are eagerly awaiting the promise of clearer days so, among many outdoor adventures, we can plan our next visit back to our favourite little farm.

Thanks for letting me stop by Jen! Muchos fun x