Green Man 2012

Hello. Hello.

We are back from the Greenman Festival.

And oh my word, it was wet and muddy.

We were knee deep in mud from the Thursday night onwards.

Every single part of us was caked in the brown stuff. It wasn't good.

But we made the best of a bad situation, and headed out to enjoy the festivities.

The kids enjoyed meeting giant bugs and spiders in Einstein's Garden. We enjoyed the cider and the Greenman Growler ale. They played in the pond and in the Future Generations kids area. The music was great, personal favourites being The Staves, Dark Dark Dark and the glorious Feist.

Sometimes the sun shone and when it did everyone was happy. But I'm not going to lie, there were a lot of tears from the kids. Constant soakings, mud ankle deep and running out of clean clothes made things very stressful. Toilets with two or three inches of mud on the floor made that even more unpleasant than they usually are. The tent was filthy and we just couldn't prevent it from coming in everywhere.

My camera went a bit bonkers (it clearly didn't like the weather conditions either) and I lost over 200 photographs. I was pretty gutted and I didn't have time to go round and take replacements. And I captured the most amazing image of a rainbow at night - I've never seen one of those before - have you? But it was one of the pictures I lost.

At times I really felt like giving up and going home. But I find that an extra pint of cider gets you through most things (ha!) This morning, cars were being pulled out of the car park by tractors.

After the long drive home, we unpacked and surveyed the damage. Tomorrow is going to be a long, long day of cleaning! But it's been so nice to come home and have a long hot shower. And even better than that, to visit a proper loo!

And I just want to say a huge, massive Thank You to all my lovely blogging chums for their amazing guest posts. They were fantastic. Please do go check them out if you haven't already. I found them so inspiring.

And a big hello to all new followers of Little Birdie - welcome and it's lovely to meet you all! x