Hello I'm Back

First of all, a huge enormous thank you for all your amazing comments about me taking a blog break. They all made me smile. Anna sort of summed up exactly what I was feeling with this comment:

Good for you! I know how you feel. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I'm bothering with all this. And then it seems like a chore not the pleasure that it should be. 

And that is what it should be - blogging should be pleasure. And just recently it hasn't felt like that. It has felt like a chore. Anyway I'm feeling refreshed, motivated and inspired but I did want to put across my thoughts of what has been bothering me about my blog.

I've started to feel that my blog has become a little bit less like mine. My blog is not an interiors blog, yet for some reason it's sort of known as one.  I get emails from people wanting to show their homes or feature guest posts from their websites. And whilst I'm flattered that they like Little Birdie and want to show their work here, this is not what my blog is about or for.

When I do show homes that I like, I post about them because I really like them. They are usually family orientated, colourful and mixed with vintage pieces. I don't want them to be homes that make you look around your own space and think why doesn't my house look like that? I mostly show homes from other bloggers too. Because ultimately they are the people who inspire me the most. Overstyled and designer homes are not what I aspire to. I like to look at a house and think 'wow I love what colour they've painted that wall' or 'love that chest of drawers with the vintage wallpaper inside' and it makes me think I'd like to do something like that.

I also don't want people to think that Little Birdie is all about buying things and wanting things. It absolutely isn't. I come across things on other blogs or Etsy or wherever and just think 'oh that's so nice'. I don't want or buy all these things. I just totally love the work that's gone into a piece of illustration, fabric or a coat, whatever it is! And that's why I show those items on the blog.

I look at some blogs that have gorgeous photography or beautiful homes. And they make me feel bad. Envious. But then I realize that these are people with bottomless pits of money and my life is not like that. My life is pretty simple. I work a couple of days a week as a Market Gardener. I'm a Mum and a Wife. I drive an old car. I live in a very small two bedroom end of terrace. I love picnics. Books. Cake. Folk music. Camping. Good coffee. Vintage fabrics. Bright colours. This is what Little Birdie is really about. It's just an ordinary simple life.

And so I've altered a couple of things on the blog to hopefully reflect this better. It's no longer House Envy because I'm not envious, I'm inspired by the space. So if I do a post about interiors it's just going to be called Lovely Spaces. And I'm also not going to post as many interiors pictures. I've rewritten my About Me, so it hopefully sums up what my blog is really about.

I've also realised that I spend way too much time on the computer. WAY TOO MUCH TIME. Instead of looking at gorgeous homes I really need to focus on my own. It needs a mountain of work. Walls need painting, skirting boards need painting. I need new flooring. I need to upcycle a chest of drawers. And so on and so on. I keep putting all these jobs off but now I'm going to get on with it. Then hopefully I can show you all the results.

Oh and I've decided to do a little textile course starting in September to help me get on with some of those house projects. All of these decisions have made me feel happier, inspired and excited.

I feel like I've met some funny, smart, talented and extraordinary people through Little Birdie. I hope you'll all keep reading and commenting because it rocks my world! So again thank you so much.

Jen x

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