Happy Monday and hope you all had a lovely weekend.
At last the sun seems to be shining a bit in West Yorkshire and there is the promise of more to come - hurrah!

Sadly I needed to buy a new mobile phone. Mine had got badly scratched and kept getting stuck. Oh and even when locked it kept dialling people and sending text messages all by itself. So enough was enough, I had to get a new phone.

As I'm completely technologically inept, I stared at all the phones and just went 'huh what the heck does that mean/do!'. So in the end I went for the one that appealed to me most asthetically.
So I've got myself a flash new bit of kit (not an expensive one) and I am trying to get my head around it. I've already had a bit of a meltdown with it, but hey ho I'll get there in the end.

And because I have the new phone, I can now join the fun of Instagram. And it's great! You can join in too and follow me here! I've only taken a couple of snaps so far, but I have a feeling there are going to be an awful lot more! x