Hello 2012.

Hello. Happy New Year! I'm still suffering with a virus so we haven't been up to anything exciting at all. But i have been thinking about the coming year and what i want to achieve from it. I'm not making any resolutions as such, more like changes to my life that hopefully will last a lifetime.

I'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat, worrying about the future, money, jobs, kids etc. I know that i'm finding myself stressed out more and more. So i've made the decision to live more simply. This is kind of my work in progress plan!

1 Shop only once a week at the supermarket for staples. Everything else can be bought locally or grown on the farm or in the back garden.

2  For every birthday present/kids party gift i buy i will make sure it is a book bought from an independent bookseller. I absolutely loathe the idea of the death of bookshops. No more buying from Amazon. Also use the library more otherwise they'll be under threat of closure.

3 Stop driving the car so much. Instead i'll walk to the shops or get public transport when i go out for the day. I'm not going to say i'll buy and ride a bike because i know i won't! I'm too lazy to do this.

4  Budget. For everything. And then stick to it! From now on i'm only going to take cash out on trips or shopping and i'll not take any cards with me. 

So that's it for now! But i think they're all achievable and will help us for the long road ahead.