little birdie


and even more food......

I just had to mention The Parsnipship - a vegetarian catering collective who regularly appear at Farmers Markets across the country. Their mission is to create the finest vegetarian and vegan food using seasonal and locally sourced produce. I always call at their stall in Leeds for some lovely treats, my personal favourite being The Yorkshire Border Crumble, made with leeks, carrots, cheddar and breadcrumbs. It's divine with some salad for a light lunch or supper. And i can also heartily recommend the Indian Summer Pudding which is a savoury pie that just melts in the mouth. It's also award winning. And finally i just want to highlight the fact that The Parsnipship is a co-operative, a business style that i am passionate about. After years of working and shopping from  big corporations that basically reward the shareholder, i love the fact that my money goes to the right people.

Pic is of the Yorkshire Border Crumble, but in different counties, they make it with their own local twist!