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rainy days and mondays..................

Is summer over then? Is it just going to be rain, rain and more rain now for the kids going off school? Typical. I've woken up a bit grumpy today! For the last month i've been suffering from something called Benign Positional Vertigo (BPV for short). To keep it simple, it basically means i am dizzy a lot of the time. I am on tablets for it and i haven't been able to have a glass of wine or elderflower champagne for a month because of the medication! Very depressing. Sorry to moan, but writing about this at least gets it off my chest as i'm tired of feeling this way. I'm a bit stuck at home at the moment too, as i can't go too far driving, but on the plus side it's giving me time to myself to read, catch up on Mad Men and surf the web. Watching the rain and realising how beautiful the drops are made me think of these beautiful creations:

Source: via Maïa on Pinterest

Source: via Maïa on Pinterest

Hope the weather is being kinder to you. Have a lovely day!