What is going on with my taste buds?

Yesterday i started suffering with a really awful taste in my mouth and i couldn't work out what is was. Absolutely everything i ate tasted vile. I wondered if it might be acid reflux or indigestion and my husband kept teasing me about how old age brings about these kind of problems. I went to bed, felt okay when i woke up and had a cup of coffee. So far, so good, but then came breakfast. Bagel with cream cheese. Vile. Lunch was home made pizza. Vile. Dinner was veggie burgers and salad. Vile. I ate two Rennies but nothing improved. I googled bitter and metallic taste in my mouth and was gobsmacked to discover i have 'pine mouth syndrome' caused by eating pine nuts earlier in the week.

Apparently this is a really common problem for certain people, even for those who have never suffered before. Reading up on this it seems to be more of an issue for pine nuts coming from China than other countries, but it has put me off eating these nuts again. This syndrome can last for up to two weeks. AAAAAAHHH! Two weeks of hating every single scrap of food i consume. Horrendous.Please be careful when you are making a batch of homemade pesto!