Felt love..............

On a recent visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, i happened to spot the gorgeous felt designs of Lynsey Walters. As part of the MADE jewellery exhibition, i was immediately drawn to the bright colours and simple shapes. I didn't buy anything that day, but came away thinking i must check out more of her work.
Lynsey is a Scottish textile designer and studied in Edinburgh. She then went on to work for the amazing Tait and Style and now designs her own range of jewellery which sells in London and New York.
I really fell for the little bird pin brooches, and so bought the dark green one with fuschia wings. It totally brightens up a black coat on a dull rainy Yorkshire day! I think i may have to ask the OH for the gorgeous flower necklace for my birthday, but oh that's not for months! (note to self - must try to stop spending). Anyway, please check out her website for more info. http://www.lynseywalters.co.uk/.

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